4 Easy Aftermarket Performance Additions Every Souped-Up Car Owner Should Know About

Having a deep interest in making sure that your car is performing at its peak is all about making sure your ride has the best aftermarket performance parts you can find. The gasoline may be running through your veins. However, if you want to ensure that your car reflects the same attitude and offers the power you want, there are four aftermarket performance parts that you should have installed on or in the motor of your souped-up car or truck. Read More 

How To Replace A Radiator Cooling Fan Motor

There can be a number of reasons why your car is suddenly overheating. One of the main reasons is that the radiator cooling fan has stopped working properly or at all. The first thing you should do when a fan stops is to check the fuse to make sure it is not blown. The other thing you can do is check the electrical connections along the power cable that runs from the fan's motor to the car's engine to make sure none of the connections have come loose. Read More 

3 Reasons To Buy Used Tires From A Dealer

Are you thinking about saving some money by shopping for used tires? If you are, you may want to hold off from ordering your new, used set of tires from an online or independent seller. Buying from an independent party can be a risky investment, as you may not be backed up by any sort of buying protection. You are also putting yourself at risk, as the seller may not be providing you with quality tires that have been carefully inspected. Read More 

Your Auto-Park System: Learning When This Feature Needs Auto Repair

Although there have been few problems thus far with the auto-park feature in high-end automobiles, cars that have this feature are still destined to break down like all others. In the event that your self-park is malfunctioning and you hit another car, you should take your vehicle into a high-end repair service, such as Coache Collision Ltd. Some of the potential problems with the auto-park or park assist feature are as follows. Read More 

Diagnose a Bad Mass Airflow Sensor & Replace It Yourself

Your mass airflow sensor (or MAF sensor) measures the amount of air that enters your vehicle's engine. This allows your car's engine control unit to know how much fuel is needed for proper combustion. But this sensor can fail. This guide will help you diagnose a bad MAF sensor and help you replace it. Signs Of A Bad Mass Airflow Sensor The following are a few signs that may warn you of a bad MAF sensor: Read More