Have a Chipped or Cracked Windshield? Learn How to Fix It Yourself

It can be very frustrating to get a chip or crack in your windshield while driving. That is because even small damage to a windshield can expand into a large crack over time. This typically happens when a crack is not repaired quickly enough. A bumpy dirt road, water, and debris can all cause a crack to expand after the initial damage forms. Thankfully, you can repair a crack on your own to prevent it from getting worse. Read More 

How To Test And Replace A Car Radiator’s Relay Switch

The heat of summer puts extra pressure on your car's radiator system to keep your car engine cool. Eventually, parts will start to wear out and the system will stop working. Your car will begin to overheat shortly thereafter. A major reason some cars overheat during the summer is because the radiator fan stops working, and it isn't able to cool down the coolant in the radiator. There are numerous reasons why this can happen, but one of the easiest to fix is a blown relay switch. Read More 

Automotive Tips: 4 New Considerations For Changing Your Oil

Anyone that owns a vehicle knows how important regular oil changes are. You might have grown up hearing that every 3,000 miles you needed to change your oil. However, those days might be long gone. The rule for oil changes isn't set in stone, but many vehicles no longer need those frequent oil changes. If you are thinking about changing your oil because you have hit the 3,000-mile mark, keep these four things in mind: Read More 

Top Reasons To Hire A Limo Instead Of Calling A Taxi

Are you getting ready for a formal event? Are you looking for ways to impress the other people who will be there? Here are some reasons why you should consider using a limousine service instead of simply calling a taxi to pick you up: Your whole group can travel together: If it's a big event, you may have a large group of people that you want to arrive with you. Your car or an ordinary taxi may be too small to hold your entourage. Read More 

Having Your Vehicle Shipped To A New Home? These Tips And Tricks Will Help Ensure You’re Prepared

Moving to a new home comes with plenty of stress, and requires quite a bit of planning in order to minimize problems. Having your vehicle shipped to your new home is a great way to relieve some of the moving stress, and it allows you to comfortably travel to your new home without having to spend all of your time behind a wheel. Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare you for the vehicle shipping process: Read More