Three Hot Things You Can Do With Cool Scrap Cars

The next time you say goodbye to your old car, consider something in addition to just scrap car removal. Your old car could do so much more than sit in a junkyard. Here are three other hot things you can do with cool scrap cars.

Drag Racing Roadsters

Most drag racing cars are often shells of their former selves. They remain beat up because of the nature of the entertainment in which they are involved. Some owners might beautify their drag racing vehicles, but they quickly find that crashing into things or crashing into other cars while racing causes more work, and then it becomes easier to leave them in a banged up state. If you have a semi-functional engine in your old car, you could probably sell it to someone on the drag racing circuit who would really appreciate it.

Monster Truck Rally Vehicles

Monster truck rallies entertain in their own circuit, but they are always in need of junk cars. They use them either for stunt cars in the pit or junk cars to destroy, but either way you could make a profit selling your vehicle to these groups. If you do sell it to a monster truck show, you may need to haul it in to them yourself, as only a few of these shows on the circuit may have their own tow trucks for picking up and delivering junk cars.

Big, Elevated Gardens

For the more feminine usage of old junk cars, some people like to cut the hoods off, gut the vehicles and turn them into elevated gardens. Not only does the car get a second life as something artistic and decorative, but your garden is lifted out of the reach of rodents who would eat it. It is also much easier to tend your flowers and plants when you are leaning over the side of an old car rather than kneeling all day on the hard ground. If you know someone who would like to turn your car into an elevated and really cool garden, you can hire a scrap removal service to tow the vehicle to the recipient.

Lots of Other Things You Can Do with Your Old Car

Although there are only three things you can do with an old car listed above, there are several more things you can do to recycle the vehicle. If you just want to get rid of the vehicle, that is okay too, since most salvage yards are able to parcel out your car's parts. The salvage yard that picks your car up will make good use of it. For more information, talk to companies like Big B Towing & Salvage.