Having Your Vehicle Shipped To A New Home? These Tips And Tricks Will Help Ensure You’re Prepared

Moving to a new home comes with plenty of stress, and requires quite a bit of planning in order to minimize problems. Having your vehicle shipped to your new home is a great way to relieve some of the moving stress, and it allows you to comfortably travel to your new home without having to spend all of your time behind a wheel. Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare you for the vehicle shipping process:

Investing in Vehicle Maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your vehicle to ensure that it ships well and runs great once it arrives to your new home is to take it in for maintenance beforehand. It's a good idea to ask your shipping company if there are any specific rules that need to be followed prior to shipping. Some companies require that the gas tank be nearly empty, while others ask that you remove things like the exterior antenna and even the mirrors.

Using the Car for Storage

It makes sense to want to pack some of your belongings into the vehicle so it can make its way to your new home while saving space in the moving truck, but many shipping companies have policies that limit what can be stored in a vehicle being shipped. So before planning to pack anything in your vehicle, you should get a list from your shipping company to ensure that there aren't any holdups at the vehicle shipping intake center.

Creating a Personal Checklist

It can be easy to overlook the small stuff, like when your maintenance appointment is and all the paperwork you have to get out of the glove box before shipping day. A great way to make sure that nothing important is overlooked during the days leading up to shipping is to make a personal checklist and keep it in your wallet for easy access. When you think of a question to ask your maintenance technician or a small task that needs to be done, you can simply add it to your list no matter where you might be.

Keeping Copies of Everything

To protect yourself, your vehicle, and any personal belongings that you are able to keep on board during shipment, make at least two copies of all the paperwork and receipts that you accrue during preparation. Keep a copy for yourself and give one to your lawyer or put them in a safety deposit box so that you'll have instant access to them if a copy is lost.

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