Your Auto-Park System: Learning When This Feature Needs Auto Repair

Although there have been few problems thus far with the auto-park feature in high-end automobiles, cars that have this feature are still destined to break down like all others. In the event that your self-park is malfunctioning and you hit another car, you should take your vehicle into a high-end repair service, such as Coache Collision Ltd. Some of the potential problems with the auto-park or park assist feature are as follows.

Glitches in the Computer System

These expensive automobile models rely on computer systems to do most of the things they do, from park assist to GPS systems and collision prevention systems. Like all computers, a glitch in the system can cause all kinds of problems. The minute you notice a glitch of any kind, avoid using the computer for everything, including the auto-park/park assist.

Problems with the Electrical System

Park assist/ auto-park features are activated by a button in your vehicle, either on the steering column or on your dashboard. As with any button in your car, it is electrically connected to the rest of the system. If you push your park assist button and your car does not move or moves in ways you did not expect it to, this is a sign that the button and/or electrical system has a problem.

Back to the Brakes

Although you may not consider the brakes in your vehicle a high-tech component, they play a big part in the auto-park/ park assist feature. When the system relies on the brakes to make accurate stops and starts, it cannot do what you ask it to do if the brakes are not working. It works the same way if you were to parallel park the traditional way.

Anti-Collision Sensors Sense Incorrectly

High-end cars with anti-collision sensors use the same sensor technology during park assist. If the sensors are damaged or bent out of shape, your auto-park will be completely confused as to which way to turn the wheel and move the tires. When any of these sensors are dysfunctional, your car's computer system will alert you on your dashboard computer screen.

Take Your Car to a Modern Auto Repair Shop

You may be trying to save money by taking your car to a "mom and pop" repair shop, but the truth is, the more expensive and technologically advanced a vehicle is, the more you need a modern repair shop. Your expensive vehicle is half computer, half vehicle and needs someone who has been trained to repair the computer half as well as the auto half. When you want your park assist/ auto-park feature to work properly, you need someone who knows exactly what to look for and how to fix it.