Skilled Automotive Paint Matching Will Make Your Damaged Car Look New Again

If your car has recently been damaged in an accident, then you need to take it to a local automotive body shop for repair. If you are worried about how your car will look once it has been repaired, then you can be rest assured that you will not be able to see with where the damaged had happened with your naked eye. Today's paint matching technology will allow your car to be seamlessly fixed and no one will ever know it was in an accident.

Vehicle Paint Codes

When your car was originally painted at the factory, a paint color code label was put on your car. Typically, the paint code decal is located under the hood or near the driver's side door. This code is designed to let auto body shop painters know what paint coloration mix should be used in order to exactly match your car's paint color.

Unfortunately, mixed paint often has some minor variations due to the pigment manufacturing process. Additionally, if you own an older car, then its paint may have been faded in the sunshine over the years.

To address these problems, your body shop will tint the paint until it is a perfect match to the rest of your car. Some body shops also use special computers which are able to scan the paint color into a computer and generate a new mixing formulation of pigment to match the paint.

Vehicle Paint Fading Technique

Sometimes it is just plain impossible to exactly match older paint. If this is the case for your car, then the auto body shop will use a technique known as "blending" to help hide the repair. To use this technique the painter will remove the clear coating around the damaged area and blend in the new color of paint in a very subtle way. Once the paint has been re-clear coated, then you will not be able to visually see the very slight variation in color.

Where the paint cannot be blended due to a lack of space, then the entire section of your car will be painted in the new color.


By utilizing advanced color matching technology, the automotive body repair shop that fixes your car's dents will make your car look as good as it was the day it rolled off of the assembly line. If you have additional questions about vehicle body repair techniques, then you can speak with a technician at your local automotive body repair shop like Lou's Auto Body.