Everything You Need To Know If Your Vehicle Gets Towed

To say having your car involuntarily towed is inconvenient is a serious understatement. For starters, you will be without your preferred method of transportation until you can get your car back. These means needing friends and family members to shuffle you around, using public transportation, or catching a taxi cab everywhere you need to go until you deal with the expenses of getting your car back. There are a few things you need to know in order to make dealing with the aftermath of having your vehicle towed a little easier.

Find Out Why Your Car Was Towed

First off, you need to know who towed your car and why. There are generally three entities that have cars towed: car dealerships, small businesses, and law enforcement.

Retrieve Your Vehicle From the Car Dealership

If the car dealership has your car towed, it is likely because you are behind on your payments. In this case, you will probably have to fork over enough cash to be current on your agreement plus any late fees outlined in the contract. You may even have to pay storage fees.

Find Your Car After It Is Towed From A Business

Businesses may have your car towed if you park in the area designated for customers only. Usually, there is signage to inform the public that the area is only for customers of the business. The signage will also have information about the company that tows and stores the cars. Contact that company and arrange to pay the fees to have your car returned.

Get Your Car Back From Law Enforcement

There are many different reasons why the police can have your car towed. You may have too many tickets or your car may have broken down on a public road. Whatever the reason, the process for having your car returned is the same.

The Process For Getting Your Car Back

Pay all of the required fees you owe to the entity that took your car in order to get your vehicle back. If law enforcement towed your car, they may be additional steps you need to take such as paying off tickets or going to traffic court. Some entities require you to pay a towing fee as well as storage fees. The longer it takes you to retrieve your vehicle, the more expensive it is going to become to get it back.

Once you've settled up, your car can only be released to a licensed and insured driver. If you have a valid license and adequate liability insurance, this is not a problem. If not, you need to find an appropriate driver or have the vehicle towed from the storage area. The vehicle itself must also be properly registered and insured. Otherwise, you will need to have it towed to your home. 

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